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A strong alliance offering complementary specialty services in real estate, property development, and investment projects; Built on people with a shared vision and unseen expertise.

You will experience the strength of an international group, with the agility of a local Belgian and Spanish SME. Our added value equals passion times dynamism.

And that is why Capston is the missing “capstone” or keystone in your real estate challenge.

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Capston Real Estate is the place to go for all your real estate transactions and real estate related questions. Ranging from rentals to sales, from rentings to purchases, our trained staff are personally at your side until the full development of your real estate transaction.

Our sole focus is to completely unburden you. From the assignment to the lease or sale agreement.


Capston Project Development was born out of the need for optimal cooperation between project landowners, urban planning services and promoters/developers.

Through our years of know-how and with our specialized staff we investigate the wide spectrum of development possibilities on a potential project land. In constant consultation with the town planning services, we work out the necessary feasibility studies into a yet to be realized and permit-ready construction project.

The result of this preliminary study creates a win-win situation, both for the landowner and the developer.


At Capston Proyectos de Inversión, you can find all your real estate and investment projects in Spain. In direct contact with both owners and our extensive and international investor network, we offer you selected and professionally executed projects that you would expect from an expert. We do not shy away from any challenge, even difficult and targeted search assignments we take on with pleasure.

And you are not alone … because for all your administrative support you can be assisted by our Preferred Partners, the international accounting and accounting group Baker Tilly and the Spanish law and architecture firm TLA, specializing in real estate and construction law, immigration, International inheritance law and building permits.


Welcome to Capston Connect where a unique and personalized approach is offered for owners of exceptional real estate who wish to sell or for buyers who are purposefully searching for that one special property. We also cater to developers who focus on a well-thought-out sales strategy through the coordinated office network provided by Capston Connect. In this innovative way, we bring new construction projects to the market that are exclusively offered through a select and high-quality sales channel.

With our team of accredited mediators, both in Belgium and in Spain, our in-depth market knowledge, and an internationally carefully selected network, we guide you towards a smooth real estate transaction.

Discover the possibilities with Capston Connect today.


Property purchase in Spain can be an attractive option for those looking for a second home, an investment opportunity, or simply a place under the sun. But as with any property purchase, the process can be complex and confusing, especially if it involves a different country. Capston Services guides you through the administrative process.

There are many administrative procedures and legal requirements that must be met, and not complying with them can lead to unexpected costs and problems in the future.

This is precisely why you can rely on an administrative supervisor who is familiar with the Spanish property system and local legislation can be a wise choice.

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